Building Home Improvement Project Welkom

building home improvement contractor welkom imageThis building home improvement project in Welkom Free State Area, called for a turnkey project service. That means that the client does not want to manage the process or have to buy the material.

A turkey building service offers many benefits and removes the headache typically associated with home improvement projects.

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Building Home Improvement Project Welkom

This project involved the removal and addition of some internal walls and adding a room.

The entire building project included most of the home improvement elements:

  • Building Plan
  • Plumbing

PVC Ceilings Installed In Welkom Home

PVC Ceilings Installed In Welkom Home. This ceiling installation had meet two criteria: it had to be aesthetically pleasing and be more functional and coller than conventional  ceiling boards

We recommended to client that they consider PVC Ceilings as it will more than comply to their requirements.

The advantages of using PVC Ceilings in a home, factory, dairy or butchery is well documented.

As PVC Ceilings has been available in South Africa for quite a number of years, it has proven to be a very cost effective home improvement ceiling choice.

Suspended Ceilings and Installation

Suspended Ceilings and Installation is the preferred choice today for a variety of reason and benefits. Environmental and Safety regulations all over the world have resulted in ceiling products that are not only practical and beautiful in designs, but also safer to install.

One of the many aspects contractors and home owners alike often overlook is the safety aspect and more specifically the fire rating of the ceiling product to be installed. This is an important aspect to consider as a construction fire may not only result in serious damage but loss of life due to toxic fumes from ceiling products.

Versatile PVC Ceilings Now In Welkom

PVC Ceilings Now In Welkom and the Free State Area. PCV Ceiling Tiles and PVC Wall panels or cladding consists of pvc ceiling panels in various lengths and 250 mm wide that are attached to each other flush, creating a uniform and beautiful flat surface. These ceiling panels can cover an existing home or business premises ceiling for decorative or other purposes. They are also suitable for suspended or dropped ceilings.

Ceiling Designs Ceiling Boards and Drywalling

Ceiling Designs Ceiling Boards and Drywalling ideas to consider and how combining these different elements can make your next home improvements project a breeze.

Home owners are spoilt for choice today when it comes to home improvement ideas. Gone are the days when you had to be content with what the local hardware store had to offer. It does not take long for amazing décor ideas from Europe and the USA to gain popularity in South Africa.

Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area showcases some beautiful homes that incorporate amazing ceiling designs ceiling boards and drywalling. The interesting fact about the latter 2 materials is that they were “created” as cheaper alternative to brick and mortar during hard times.

PVC Ceilings | Ceiling Tiles | Ceiling Panels | PVC Suspended Ceiling

PVC Ceilings, Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Panels or PVC Suspended Ceilings is a subject relating to home improvement that has come under the spotlight in South Africa, particularly in 2012.

Increasingly more people look at new home décor ideas, when embarking on a home improvement project.

One product that has come to the attention of contractors and home owners is PVC Ceilings, Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Panels or PVC Suspended Ceilings


Unfortunately the availability of ceiling tiles in South Africa is pretty much limited to metal products; some mineral based ceiling tiles and Polystyrene decorative tiles. PVC Ceiling tiles, while widely used outside South Africa, is not locally available. Typically, ceiling tiles are attached to an existing ceiling using silicon or glue.

PVC Ceilings Replaces Old Ceilings | PVC Suspended Ceilings

PVC Ceilings as well as Suspended PVC Ceilings are becoming quite common place in place of conventional gypsum ceilings. While it may appear to be more expensive to install as compared to conventional ceilings, the opposite is true.

One of the primary reasons many contractors, property developers and home owners just like you and me choose PVC Ceilings, is the fact that once installed, it is totally maintenance free and pretty much unaffected by damp and water. No more worries about messy damage to ceilings when a pipe or geyser bursts