Ceiling Designs Ceiling Boards and Drywalling

Ceiling Designs Ceiling Boards and Drywalling ideas to consider and how combining these different elements can make your next home improvements project a breeze.

Home owners are spoilt for choice today when it comes to home improvement ideas. Gone are the days when you had to be content with what the local hardware store had to offer. It does not take long for amazing décor ideas from Europe and the USA to gain popularity in South Africa.

Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area showcases some beautiful homes that incorporate amazing ceiling designs ceiling boards and drywalling. The interesting fact about the latter 2 materials is that they were “created” as cheaper alternative to brick and mortar during hard times.

Today ceiling boards and drywalling has become part of most interior designer’s arsenal to create beautiful homes and work environments.

This article will first look at ceiling designs as part of the powerful trio

One of the most overlooked components of home improvement that encompasses the entire interior is the ceiling. It does not require the skills of a rocket scientist to transform the entire look of the ceiling. Ceiling designs have the ability to add character and detail to a room. This is a particularly effective component in large rooms that have higher than normal height.

Today there are literally zillions of different ceiling designs available to spice up your ceiling.

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One very popular way to transform a ceiling design is to add timber or ceiling board beams to a ceiling. This can be applied to virtually any ceiling height. If you use natural laminated timber you can clear coat the beams to retain its natural warmth. You can also paint the beams with soft colors to make the ceiling design more subtle.

Another very popular product to spice up ceiling designs is the use of ceiling tiles or medallions. Here again many different materials like PVC boards and Polystyrene molded Tiles and ceiling Roses.

 Ceiling Boards are very versatile.

ceiling boards manufactured imageGypsum board is the generic name for a family of panel-type products consisting of a noncombustible core, primarily of gypsum, with a paper surfacing on the face, back, and long edges.

Most South Africans are very familiar with ceiling boards as being of a gypsum construction. Currently ceiling boards are manufactured for a variety of different application requirements. These include fire resistant ceiling boards and water resistant ceiling boards. Because the material is so versatile and can be cut to size, craftsman are able to “fuse” the pieces together with special cement and adhesives to create any shape and structure. Ceiling boards are finished with tape and an special filler and then painted to create the desired shade.

Gypsum as well as PVC Ceiling boards are suitable for any size room and accompanied by sunken lighting, can create and ambiance.

Gypsum ceiling boards as well as PVC Boards are required to be fire retardant and non-combustible.

 Drywalling is an ideal home improvement product.

Drywalling and gypsum ceiling boards have a lot in common and are in fact the same type of material.

Similar to pvc suspended ceilings, drywall panels has become the de-facto material to use in partitioning.

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When people build a home or remodel, they usually think about the square area or the number of windows required as well as energy saving aspects. Most of the time, little or no thought is given to the construction of the interior walls.

Two of the most common forms of interior wall materials are plaster and dry walling. Plaster has been used since ancient times.

In fact gypsum wall boards, and drywalling have all become synonymous with one another. This popular building material is constructed from gypsum, a very soft mineral, with the addition of sand and water. These elements are combined and compressed between heavy paper pieces on either side.

Today many variations of drywalling products are available to suit different applications.

While drywall panels are commonly used with commercial buildings, it is also very suitable to construct internal walls in homes. While not always cheaper than brick and mortar, it brings many advantages as an alternative and is easily transformed with your paint color of choice.

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 Ceiling Designs Ceiling Boards and Drywalling

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