PVC Ceilings Installed In Welkom Home

PVC Ceilings Installed In Welkom Home. This ceiling installation had meet two criteria: it had to be aesthetically pleasing and be more functional and coller than conventional  ceiling boards

We recommended to client that they consider PVC Ceilings as it will more than comply to their requirements.

The advantages of using PVC Ceilings in a home, factory, dairy or butchery is well documented.

As PVC Ceilings has been available in South Africa for quite a number of years, it has proven to be a very cost effective home improvement ceiling choice.

All we had to do was remove the old ceiling boards and then clean and straigten the brandering timber.

PVC Ceilings Welkom

PVC Ceilings installed in Welkom Image
PVC Ceilings Installed In Welkom Home

Due the the rectangle shape of the kitchen, which measured 5 m wide and more than 10 m long, it was decided to add 9 laminated beams across the kitchen width.

This meant that we could install the PVC Ceilings in the same direction as the beams.

As you can see from the image, this pvc ceiling installation looks more than just nice, it is stunning…..the white pvc ceiling contrasted against the Mahogany stained beams.

Needless to say, the client commented that the kitchen area felt a bit coller than prior to the PVC Ceilings. This is but one of the benefits of using a PVC Ceiling in stead of conventional ceilings. Yes, it is a bit more expensive initially, but it has zero maintenace costs nad requires no painting or future maintenance. PVC Ceilings are also water proof (+ fire retardent)

The colour ( White Gloss) was chosen as we completed the kitchen cupboards in a mahogany wrap finish.

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We have installed pvc ceiling and suspended pvc ceilings as far as Bultfontein. Rouxville, Senekal and Ventersburg.

PVC Ceilings Installed In Welkom Home