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It makes a lot of sense to choose PVC Ceilings or PVC Suspended Ceilings when replacing your old ceilings. It makes even more sense to opt for PVC Ceilings when you are in the process of building a new house, office extension or even a factory.
Due to the versatility of Camfly PVC Ceilings it can be used in most places where even heavily painted dry-walling or gypsum will have a limited lifespan. Camfly PVC Ceiling is even preferred where damp or moist is experienced over conventional ceilings.
Here are a few solid reason you should choose PVC Ceilings….
PVC Ceilings and PVC Wall Panels are:

  • Fire retardant
  • Will never require any maintenance such as painting
  • Have great sound insulation properties
  • Helps reduce energy consumption due to the thermal insulation.
  • PVC Ceilings are not only non-corrosive but also resistant to termites.
  • Is suitable for Domestic, agricultural and industrial buildings.
  • Is the ideal product for wall and ceilings where food or degradable products are handled.
  • Extremely easy to clean and keep clean and hygienic.

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PVC Ceilings and wall panels are available in a variety of colors and textures.
Is PVC Ceilings a new invention?

While the concept of installing PVC Ceilings as a substitute for conventional ceiling material arrived in South Africa only in the last decade, it is certainly not a new invention.

PVC Cladding and Various other PVC decorative materials where developed way back in the 1970’s in countries like Belgium, Holland and France, to name but a few. Although the initial focus was on wall cladding, the ideal properties inherent in PVC, soon found application and uses in many different decorative and construction materials such as PVC Ceilings.

PVC Ceilings has really taken off in South Africa and has become a major hit with home owners and business alike.

In Johannesburg which has many homes older than 40-50 years, most ceilings are crying out for replacement. PVC Ceilings can be used in any small or large area and is available in a gloss or mat finish.

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PVC Ceiling Installation.
The ideal scenario when replacing conventional ceilings with PVC Ceilings is to remove the existing ceiling. While this is not essential or absolutely necessary, it does offer a number of advantages.
With most ceilings we have experienced that the old boards “wave” or have distortions. Removing the old ceiling enables the ceiling contractor to inspect the condition of the roofing timber and either replace unusable sections or simply re-affix the ceiling timber (38 x 38 ) with a few screws. This ensures a clean and level surface.

PVC Ceiling Accessories
To completely round off the Ceiling, Camfly has a range of PVC accessories.

  • Jointers to accommodate joining two ceiling panels.
  • Top Edge Trimmers 
  • Cornice

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[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]What does PVC Ceilings cost to install?
The following figures are a good estimate of the current rate for installing PVC ceilings
The installed cost of PVC Ceilings in the Johannesburg and Pretoria are in the region of R150+ sq.m average, and may be lower or higher depending on quantity and other special structural design factors or requests.
In certain cases, additional charges may apply, such as the removal of existing ceilings[/features_box_blue]

PVC Suspended Ceilings

Similar to conventional ceilings, suspended ceilings have been around for many years. The use of suspended ceilings today is the preferred ceiling style when constructing commercial buildings and office complexes.
However suspended ceilings have become very popular for residential and domestic applications as well;

  • To achieve acoustic balance and control in a room.
  • To conceal the appearance of an existing ceiling.
  • In houses with corrugated roofing, installing suspended ceilings van assist in reducing energy costs.
  • To lower the ceiling level in houses with excessively high ceilings.

Camfly PVC Suspended ceilings are made of the same high quality material and available in a wide range of colors and textures.

The standard size of a PVC Suspended ceiling panel is 60 cm X 120 cm.

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PVC Ceilings | PVC Suspended Ceilings Johannesburg