Suspended Ceilings and Installation

Suspended Ceilings and Installation is the preferred choice today for a variety of reason and benefits. Environmental and Safety regulations all over the world have resulted in ceiling products that are not only practical and beautiful in designs, but also safer to install.

One of the many aspects contractors and home owners alike often overlook is the safety aspect and more specifically the fire rating of the ceiling product to be installed. This is an important aspect to consider as a construction fire may not only result in serious damage but loss of life due to toxic fumes from ceiling products.

Fortunately most of the more popular ceiling panels and ceiling tiles used in suspended ceilings in South Africa and Gauteng particularly, are fire resistant or fire retardant.

It is sound practice to question the ceiling installer or building contractor about this safety aspect.

Suspended ceilings or dropped ceilings are not new to the building or home improvements scene.

What is newsworthy is the vast array of different choice and suppliers of suspended ceiling products and choices. Gone are the days when you could have any color ceiling tile as long as it was flat and white.

Suspended ceilings are manufactured and installed using many different textures and shades.

Given the right situation, suspended ceilings offer real advantages over the permanent type of drywall ceiling board. First of all, ducting, plumbing and cables are hidden above a dropped or suspended ceiling, yet remain accessible for repair or modification. And secondly, suspended ceilings offer better sound barriers than drywall ceilings.

For the “do-it-yourselfer” and home installations, the real bonus is the easy installation plus it requires minimal and simple household tools. Comprising of a metal grid that supports lightweight panels, a suspended ceiling is well within the capabilities of most homeowners.

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Suspended ceilings are not to everyone’s liking when it comes to households. But it is most definitely a sensible choice in basements and in first-floor rooms with bathrooms overhead. If a leak appears in the overhead plumbing, a suspended ceiling can mean the difference between a costly, time-consuming repair job and a minor inconvenience.

Some benefits of most suspended ceiling products:

  •  In most cases suspended ceilings offer an economical all-purpose ceiling,
  • Styrene, PVC and various fibre-cement ceiling boards are unaffected by moisture and humidity making them ideal for internal use in almost all applications.
  • These Ceiling products and panels or tiles are light weight and can be supported on light gauge metal frames making installation and erection easy.
  • Non-combustible for protection against fire.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Designed to have good thermal properties as opposed to standard drywall ceiling boards

Let us consider 4 of these very important benefits a bit closer.

 Insulation factor

Air is most definitely one of the best insulators. When installing a suspended ceiling, a static layer of air between the drop ceiling and the main ceiling is created. This air now actually acts as a insulator. If this is not enough then you can fill the space with insulating wool. The fact that a suspended ceiling gives you a lower ceiling also reduces the amount of airspace in the room that you need to heat.

 Assists to reduce noise pollution

Suspended ceiling tiles are a very effective construction to reduce noise from above. You can even choose ceiling tiles that are specifically designed for extra soundproofing.

 Most ceiling tiles are bacteria and Humidity resistance

This is one of the main reasons why hospitals and other work areas requiring high hygiene regulations have taken to suspended ceilings and PVC Ceilings. In applications like this where hygiene is paramount a suspended ceiling can be the difference between an outbreak of a dreaded or removing the opportunity of an infestation.

Suspended ceilings are practical.

Suspended ceilings keep all those unsightly wires, cables, pipes and ducts out of view while also keeping them accessible in the event that any maintenance work needs to be carried out. The tiles are easy to remove allowing access to anything which may need attention.

So next time you require or want to install a suspended ceiling, do give us a call for fast professional service.

Suspended Ceilings and Installation

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