Versatile PVC Ceilings Now In Welkom

PVC Ceilings Now In Welkom and the Free State Area. PCV Ceiling Tiles and PVC Wall panels or cladding consists of pvc ceiling panels in various lengths and 250 mm wide that are attached to each other flush, creating a uniform and beautiful flat surface. These ceiling panels can cover an existing home or business premises ceiling for decorative or other purposes. They are also suitable for suspended or dropped ceilings.

A Look at PVC Ceilings and Ceilings
A ceiling is not a structural element of a home but an overhead surface that can serve: aesthetic, acoustic or other functions. Ceilings can be used to create and give an impression of heights and open space.
Ceilings have long been the focus of attention in ancient and historic buildings.Ceilings were decorated and hand painted, adorned with tiles or timber. In homes of yesteryear timber was the predominant material used to create an aesthetic ceiling.

PVC or Plastic Ceiling Panels
Today PVC ceiling panels and tiles offer a modern solution. These ceiling panles are fairly easy to install, using either an interlocking or overlapping plastic design that neatly fit into each other.

PVC Ceilings in Welkom Free State comes in different colors that provide a very modern, clean and appealing appearance. Due to the nature of PVC it is very durable and easy to keep clean and is relatively unaffected by:
• insect infestation
• Moisture
• Corrosion

One of the huge benefits of these PVC Ceilings is the fact that it offers a high degree of insulation and also prevents condensation.

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CTL PVC Ceilings

PVC Ceiling offers Exceptional Hygiene benefits

Our Food industry regulations in South Africa stipulate that all premises that are used to produce, process, store or serve food must conform to minimum hygiene standards. The essence of the hygiene regulation stipulates that the walls and ceilings should not allow for the accumulation of dirt, permit condensation or shed particles.
Plastic ceiling cladding meets these criteria. Their smooth surfaces and flush joints prevent ingrained dirt accumulation. Any superficial dirt can be cleaned easily through pressure washing and water drops can be dried quickly. They do not shed particles the way wood does.

This is where these PVC Ceiling and wall panels offer the best of both worlds and is ideally suited for installation in areas such as:

  • hospitals,
  • clinics,
  • hotels and restaurants,
  • Farm buildings and sheds
  • Dairy installations
  • Church Buildings
  • Factories and Warehouses

In fact any facility that require not only a high degree of hygiene and cleanliness, but a practicle and cost effective ceiling and insulation solution..

PVC ceiling and wall panels are waterproof and unaffected with moist, damp or direct water. It is thus an ideal solution to cover walls and concrete ceilings that are plagued by constant moist and mildew.

These PVC Ceiling panels are available in a wide variety of colors, as well as in gloss and matt.

You are bound to find a color and texture that suits your preference.

There is hardly a ceiling or wall problem cannot be handled with PVC ceiling and wall panels.

If you live in the Free State, Welkom or Goldfields Area and are considering installing PVC Ceilings, call us today for  a quote

Versatile PVC Ceilings Now In Welkom

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